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Founder Toney Gammage

Our Founder Prophet Toney L. Gammage was born to the late Annie Mae Johnson and had 1 siblings.  Prophet Toney L. Gammage is the father of 3 beautiful children and the stepfather of 3 children in which he loved them all dearly.  

At the age of 17 his life was detoured by decisions that led to a life of incarceration. In 1995, he accepted the drawing of the Holy Spirit and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior thereby experiencing an extraordinary Life Change through Christ. 

He enhanced his education post high school through business leadership classes and trainings, budgeting classes, and biblical classes and trainings to increase his knowledge in the Word of God.

Prophet Toney worked many years as a commercial truck driver and assisted in the coordination of transportation for a Ministry. He was employed with a Ministry for over 10 years in various capacities. He was also employed as a Youth Coordinator with youth that are considered at risk.


Prophet Toney Gammage served in youth ministry, served as an Armor Bearer, served as a Deacon, served in Security, and lastly served as a Prophet.


Prophet Toney Gammage was a big influencer in his community in which he had no respect of person. He was admired by many as well as being a Mentor to many. He committed himself as a servant of all which was demonstrated anytime he encountered others. Prophet Gammage helped many families by feeding those that were hungry or homeless. He paid bills for many, provided household furnishings, and gave to others to further their education. He helped in taking care of the widows and ministering to at risk youth. His mission denoted true servanthood and love.


There is nothing he didn’t believe could happen because The Father was within him. He did not consider what is seen in the natural but looked for truth through the Eyes of the Father (seeing beyond what you see). Prophet Toney Gammage had the kind of faith that some considered to be Crazy Faith, but he simply had an assurance of who God was, is and is to come. He was a God Man/ a Man of Faith.


Prophet Toney Gammage was an ordained Minister and founder of Life Changers Ministries Inc. During a time of prayer and fasting, God confirmed His purpose for Ministry.   In February 2021, Life Changers Ministries, Inc. was launched.


Our Founder Pastor-Prophet Toney Gammage completed his work on earth and transitioned to be with the Father on October 6, 2021.   He left to continue the vision of Life Changers Ministries, Inc his wife/Co-Founder Minister Helena Gammage.  The vision yet lives and will fulfill the assignment of our Lord and Savior to impact and change lives.


Pastor Helena Gammage

Helena Gammage is an ordained minister and Co-founder of Life Changers Ministries Inc. 

Minister Gammage has served as a Girls Ministry leader, Sunday School Teacher, an Intercessor, Youth and Children’s Pastor, Single’s Ministry Pastor, Evangelism Pastor, and a Young Adult leader.


For many years minister Gammage has served as a Mentor spiritually and professionally to impart and provoke positive change in others.


In November 2021, Minister Gammage assumed the call to continue to lead Life Changers Ministries Inc. upon the heavenly promotion of her husband Prophet Toney Gammage.   In April 2023, Minister Gammage has been appointed as the Pastor of Life Changers Ministries, Inc.

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